Sunday, April 06, 2008

Absolut inaccuracy at the L.A. Times.

Sigh. There's nothing like accuracy in the Los Angeles Times. Which is to say, this article is nothing like accurate.

The map in the Absolut ad does not show the "U.S.-Mexico border lies where it was before the Mexican-American war of 1848."

Contrary to the delusions of the Los Angeles Times, Mexican sovereignty over much of that land had ceased more than a decade earlier, when the revolutionary government of Texas defeated Generalissimo Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna at the battle of San Jacinto.

Nine hundred and ten Texans led by Sam Houston, in a twenty minute battle, defeated the Napoleon of the West and caught him, literally, with his pants down.

If they taught history in Alta California, the writer of this article or his editor might have caught this.

Thank goodness for those layers of editors and fact-checkers in the MSM, eh?


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